writing: on LGBTQIA+

Being a Christian, Samoan-Filipino, and out member of the LGBTQIA+ community is something I've started talking about more in the last few years as the importance of visible representation has become so apparent. If sharing my account helps even one person, it will have been worth it.

I would no sooner apologise for this than being born Samoan or Filipino. I didn’t choose those and I’m not ashamed of them, either.

Navigating Sexuality: From South Asia to Samoa; Panel Presentation (September 2018)

Hosted by the ANU College of Asia Pacific Student Society and ANU Learning Communities.

Recommendation to lobby Pacific churches as well as political bodies; Radio Interview (Jul 2018)

My father, Reverend Faife’au Apelu Tielu, and I were invited by ABC Radio Pacific Beat to discuss our journey and comment on the petition heading to the Pacific Islands Forum to decriminalise homosexuality in those nations where it is still illegal in our region.

Not a boast, but the absence of shame; Blog (May 2017)
Reflecting on the importance of displays like the PRIDE parade in Auckland, almost a year on from from initial post.

Portrait of Poly Pastor’s Kids; Video Documentary (Dec 2016)

Coming out to my wider Samoan Christian community via theCoconet.TV’s online documentary was mortifying, but worth it to prove how much love was waiting on the other side for me and people like me.

“You Belong” No Shame, No Apologies; Blog (June 2016)

Wherein Lani Wendt Young hosts us in her LGBTQIA+ #OwnVoices series.