flash prompts // admiration

It's been so long between posts that I don't recognise the wordpress interface, so we're just going to dive straight in.

This is in response to a writing prompt circulating tumblr: admiration (simple enough). For those who've been asking offline, this is the sort of thing I'd share at stand-up, with less rhyme and rhythm. The great thing about stand-up / spoken word is there is no wrong form, there are many schools of style, but anything goes.

My admiration for you is a selfish pastime.

I admire you for being the hand behind my shoulder. I never have to shove you off because when I slow down, the warm and familiar weight of you at my back is enough to ground me, take stock and pick up my feet.

I admire you for being a signpost, not a subscription. A signpost designates forks in the road, options rather than a single highway. You let me pave my own road and are never too busy to assist me at the roadside.

I admire you for not bending to others' expectations or chasing acceptance. Living in community is compromise, and maybe others have compromised more so you can live your way; I'll learn from both sides. You help me understand how I can live (happily, honestly, considerately), even if what we pursue don't run so parallel.

I admire you for believing there are qualities admirable in me. And while someone I admire thinks me admirable, too, we're doing all right.