On Judgment Day, let's dance!

After a week of musing on new ventures, it was worth unflexing my brain to consider more familiar ground. I'll save all rumination about business analysis for the return business trip next week when I'll inevitably be living and breathing information systems like a tripped out geek who wants to trampstamp "I [heart] BPM".

No, in light of the evening's festivities, I'm going to talk about song and dance.

While I think I could comfortably yodel Britney Spears into submission, I'm not about to win Australian Idol, but I can sing along with the radio and mozy through the living room without breaking all the glass and mirrors.

Anyone who's given me enough time to draw breath on the subject knows my philosphy is "passion over talent", which does sometimes translate to volume over melody; range over rhythm.

There has always been song in our family: from the cross-country road trips to keep us from complaining as toddlers, to the songs that would rise when a friend brought over their guitar to dinner; music was always encouraged.

However, I can't blame nod to the family for planting the seed of dance. I give Sesame Street credit where it's due. My parents were humoured enough to enrol me in dance classes as a child, but, on reflection, that was probably a wise investment so I'd learn where my limbs were and didn't careen into the crystal displays of department stores. I didn't dance there, but kids, you know - they flail.

Years later, I discovered the Koreans and Japanese were years ahead of their peers designing games for those silly enough to pay to flail in public (whoo!). Further years and hundreds of dollars in arcade tokens after that, I'm left with reasonable hand-eye-foot coordination that helps me side-step a harried colleague faster than the rest.

But where else can I use these skills? I don't plan on joining a dance crew or competing in the Pan Pacific anytime soon, and while studies have shown physical health supports mental acuity, I can only gesture to the earlier example.

Side-stepping. An evasive shuffle.

So, let's hope that when the apocalypse comes, the zombies want a dance off against the backdrop of a bla-aa-aa-aze of glory!