Easycharts: An Ode to Order

Over the last week, I've been able to indulge my affection for the glossy, versatile tool of distraction and might to order all of the things that is... the EasyChart. While rolling around with at least four sheafs this afternoon, my colleague wasn't out of line asking, "Do you sleep with those things?"

Gollum had a ring; I have my EasyChart.

I currently have two sheafs suspended on the wall opposite my bed. Yesterday I spent the last hours of the evening making:

a) a list of the outstanding stories I want to finish before I can focus on my bigger story (I'm relieved they number less than ten), and b) a mind map of the larger story in question.

These beauteous, modern artefacts of organisation are the last thing I see at night, and the first thing I stumble past in the morning. I haven't decided yet if this is a good thing - they are, unfortunately, not lists I can use for my daily routines unless I have time to write.

I love making lists. I especially love crossing things off of them, and this is the only area where the EasyChart may not be the best tool for tracking to-do lists and weighing that sense of accomplishment. You don't strike out items on the EasyChart, you erase them. If you want a reusable surface and don't need to look back on the road so far, this will suit you fine.

So, I'll keep my lists, but this evening, I also utilised them as a mighty drawing board: my business process model filled the entire space with the colour-coded post-its denoting decision points, actions and sub-processes. It was so easy to rub out the links and rearrange them as needed. I'm far too excited that I have five more processes to map on the canvas of wonder (and those processes have children; glee).

Dear Easychart, never leave my side. At least until we all get upgraded with table-top touch interfaces.

Thursday, 7 June 2012